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Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2021

Сегодня пришла рассылка о виртуальных мастерских.
Участие бесплатно, если смотрите МК в тот же день.
Список мастеров и ссылка для регистрации ниже.

Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2021 is almost here!

I am so thrilled to announce the upcoming Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2021. The broadcast week is from March 24th to 30th, 2021.

You will enjoy amazing tutorials where 17 international and renowned artists will teach you a variety of techniques, veneers, polymer clay jewelry, sculpting flowers, home decor pieces, caning, miniatures, how to make your own stamps, molds, and stencils.

You will meet artists like Angie Scarr, Anita Long, Anna Rudaya, Athena Barda, Cecilia Leonini, Debbie Crothers, Eugena Topina, Evgeniya Aleksandrova, Leila Bidler, Martina Buriánová, Meg Newberg, Mihaela Georgescu, Nikolina Otrzan, Olga Chernyshova, Pavla Cepelikova, Sandy Huntress, and Tereza Cermáková.
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